Greenery Bag is a wearable flower bag presented by the flower brand Grove.
It takes the form of carrying flowers, providing the wearer with a special experience of being able to feel beautiful fresh flowers close by at any time.

Greenery Bag was born to bring vitality and beauty to people amidst dark streets and gloomy atmospheres caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea originated from the concept of giving and carrying a single flower. Greenery Bag serves as a special gift with just one flower, emphasizing the beauty of a single flower to the fullest.

In particular, Greenery Bag comes with colorful straps to enhance harmony with the flowers. Exotic, unique, and beautiful fresh flowers are individually contained within Greenery Bag, presenting a harmonious appearance. Additionally, water gel is located at the bottom of Greenery Bag to sustain the vitality of the flowers, and when the gel is depleted, it can be replaced with water.

Greenery Bag is a unique way of presenting flowers, offering a boutique method of delivering flowers to special people. Through this product, the wearer can express their style and personality while also experiencing the beauty of flowers together.